About the team leaders and their units

Nick Codding

Unit: general felonies (drug and property crimes, nonfatal shootings and other assaults)

Team size: 10 prosecutors

“Certainly we have a high volume (of cases), … though we deal in bulk, it’s never an assembly line.”


Ben Fu

Unit: sex crimes

Team size: 3

Quote: “These are some of the most under-served and under-represented victims in the community, … (and these cases) give us a chance to really make a difference.”


Kevin Gray

Unit: robbery

Team size: 3

“At the base level, (robbery) is very easy to explain but … they are interesting (cases), sometimes they can be very complex.”


Sean Hill

Unit: gangs

Team size: 2 prosecutors and an investigator

“Ultimately, we get a broad range of types of cases to prosecute. That keeps things … fresh.”


John David Luton

Years in Tulsa County DA’s Office: 3

Unit: homicides

Team size: 4

“They are the cases that have the most impact on family members because someone’s lost a loved one. Many instances, they are cases that have the most emotion that come with them.”


Sarah McAmis

Unit: child abuse

Team size: 4

“It takes … an enormous amount of work and dedication, but it’s all worth it in the end if I’m able to get justice for a child who is completely innocent and completely helpless and who needs an adult to stand up and do the right thing.”

Jenny Proehl-Day


Unit: domestic violence

Team size: 1

Victims of domestic violence “are groomed to accept it, and it’s my job to be their voice. It’s the state of Oklahoma’s job to say not any more, not today, not in my state. And if you can’t be strong enough to do it (assist in prosecuting the abuser), I will do it for you.”

— Amanda Bland,

World Staff Writer