District attorney lightens burden of victims

  • Assistant district attorneys divided caseloads by type of crime
  • The division helps reduce the number of prosecutors victims have to work with
  • The division also helps move through cases faster


Delayné Knapp says she is relieved to be done telling her story.

Knapp was a victim who fought her case with the help of Tulsa County district attorneys and assistant DAs.

The process has changed; when Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler took office, he split up felony cases.

Assistant district attorneys now handle crimes by type. Some are assigned to robberies, burglaries, crimes against children, sexual assault and domestic violence.

The special victim’s unit has four ADAs, keeping the burden on victims lighter. Because they don’t have to deal with several random prosecutors over the course of their proceedings, the victims do not have to tell their story several times.

The division of caseload also speeds up the court process.